Beginnings in Berlin (+ other updates)

It’s been an unusual time this last week, and if I’m being honest, not in the most exciting way. School is getting busier, and the variety of activities that define the Swedish summer is thinning out, so the most adventure I’ve been having is on my class field trips. Speaking of which, my long study tour in Berlin is this coming week—where I actually am now, since this was the first chance I’ve gotten to write in a few days—and preparing for that has been a big focus.

I’ve only been in Berlin a day and a half, so my first impressions are limited. I went back to the 1989 exhibit at Nationalmuseet, this time with my Core Course, to get a historical background for the trip, and now that I’m here I see that history everywhere. Thecrash course we got prepared us well for our introduction to the city. Though we were all exhausted from traveling, our tour of all the big historical landmarks was genuinely awe-inspiring. Among other things, we saw the remains of the Berlin Wall, the Reichstag, and memorials to the victims of the Nazi regime, all of which we’re going to explore further the rest of the week.

The first day took a lot out of me, but dinner with my class at a traditional German pub improved my mood and gave me just enough energy for the evening. Of course, some of us couldn’t resist checking out Oktoberfest while in Germany, which was an amazing experience despite not being at the heart of the festivities in Bavaria.

The more in-depth historical tours are getting underway now, which I’ll be sure to tell plenty of stories about at the end of the week. Until then, bis bald?

Going through the Brandenburg gate, almost exactly 30 years after it opened.
Above, remains of the Wall. Below, WWII-era prison cells.
Cheers (with varying degrees of cheerfulness)

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