One Class Down…

After months of lectures, anxiety-inducing political discussions at 8:30 am, tours around new cities, and adventuring on our own, my Core Course has finally come to an end.

We wrapped up the semester with a policymaking simulation led by Steve Turner, where we discussed whether Sweden should join NATO. It’s a loaded decision that was difficult to take a stance on and even harder to guess which side won. My side argued for joining, though after all the points were made, I’m not sure which side I would take if given the choice. It reminded me a little of Model UN at my school, where we are assigned one position and face questions from everyone else in an exercise called the “Hot Seat”. With some of the questions we got, I felt like I was back in it. It did get pretty heated!

Though it was a conflicted debate, there were no hard feelings when we got together for a celebration at the end. That’s one of the best things about this group: we really try to understand each other even if we don’t always see eye to eye. Because of that I’ve gotten to really know everyone in the class, and I appreciate all of them. I’m going to miss this class for sure.

And now,


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