Two’s Company

This week I got a visitor all the way from home: my sister, Paige! I got to show her some of my favorite things in Stockholm, and try some new things that I might not have done before. It was a busy week, given that I still had classes, but it was so much fun!

Back in North Carolina, it may have still been fall, but in Stockholm it’s already time for Christmas. So of course we had to hit the Christmas market in Gamla Stan, one of the oldest (and coziest) markets around. We tried classic glögg, a type of drink mulled with spices, and pepparkakor, or gingerbread cookies. After picking up some cute handmade ornaments to take home, I took her on a crash-course tour of the city where we got to see all the lights they set up for the winter.

I’m all about getting an experience that feels real, which is great, but I realized that there were so many things I had written off as too “touristy” without trying them. With a visitor here, I decided it would be the perfect chance to go. We saw the Vasa ship, slightly embarrassed ourselves at the interactive ABBA museum, and tried not to freeze in a year-round ice paradise. I will admit it: these places are popular for a reason!

Classes were still my priority, so we couldn’t go out together all the time. Luckily, she was allowed to come on one of my two Field Studies to Moderna Museet. (We didn’t stick together much there either; I might have gotten into some of the art and fallen behind the group a few times.) If I had had the choice, we could have looked at modern art all day.

We also came up with plenty to do outside of the big attractions. I introduced her to the fika tradition, and she finally got to try the princess cake she had heard about. She also got to meet my hallmates and come to our Thanksgiving dinner. Even just exploring around, despite the not-so-great weather, was fun to do together.

Speaking of Thanksgiving, I’m so grateful that this happened. I’m glad I had the to share Stockholm with someone I love.


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