A Tourist in my Own City

Early this week, it hit me: I’ve been here for more time than I have left. That’s crazy! It can not have gone that fast! And since Berlin, I haven’t been as worried about doing “touristy” things as I was before. So even though midterms were still keeping me busy, I’ve been making sure to get out and enjoy what’s here in Stockholm while I can!

One of my favorite places to go for a little fresh air is Observatorielunden, a hilltop park with an observatory at the very top. I had actually been here once before, but I just had to go back and see it in the fall. The observatory was closed for renovations, but the views were great anyway! Also, the café at the top was perfect when I needed a cozy afternoon fika.

Then just this weekend, I got the chance to tour the Stockholm archipelago with my Visiting Hosts. We took a boat out to the island of Vaxholm early Saturday morning—which I’m so thankful they agreed to do—and got a fantastic look at the other islands on the way. Vaxholm was just as nice, with its historic neighborhoods and gorgeous seaside nature. I only wish it had been warmer so I could take a swim at the beach.

But really, how cold could it actually be?
Okay, this one’s in Stockholm before the boat left. But when the royal palace is right there, you don’t just ignore it.

…I think these made pretty good study breaks. Vi hörs nästa vecka!


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