Birthday, Halloween, Etc.

It was another busy week in Stockholm! I turned 20 on Monday, which is a big-deal birthday in Sweden. I didn’t have much time to celebrate, but I did treat myself a little. I stopped for a nicer-than-usual fika, did a little birthday shopping, and then headed to one of DIS’ New in Town events, where we made and then sampled some tasty dishes at ROT Store and Kitchen on Södermalm. I learned a lot, and it was all much better than anything I could have cooked at home!

Plus, they let me blow out the candles on the table when we were done.
My “birthday cake”, which I did not make myself. I only wish I could.

I had a little study break on Wednesday, so I took some friends out for a late birthday celebration in Gamla Stan. I unfortunately didn’t get any pictures, but the place we went was all decorated for Halloween, which we also celebrated later in the week.

While I haven’t been celebrating various things, I’ve been studying…a lot. My last “midterm”, a presentation in my Swedish Language and Culture class, was on Friday, and though I was nervous, I got through it! Oddly, doing the presentation in Swedish didn’t make me as nervous as standing up and presenting in general.

Now the second travel week of the semester is underway. Most of the programs have their long study tours this week, but I get to travel and relax. First stop: Tromsø, Norway…more to come on that next time. Vi hörs!


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